Insect museums around Tokyo in Japan


My child wants to go to the insect museum. I would like to know a recommended insect museum!

In this article, we will introduce recommended insect museums near Tokyo. This article introduces the following three insect museums.

  • Tama Zoological Park
  • IBARAKI Nature Museum
  • Fabre Insect Museum

Tama Zoological Park

Species of insects★★★★★
Admission fee★★★★☆(Adult\600、Middle school students\200)

Tama Zoological Park can be accessed from Tama Zoological Park Station on the Tama Urban Monorail. There is an insect garden inside the zoo where you can observe various insects.

What is unique about Tama Zoological Park is that it has a huge greenhouse, where you can observe colorful butterflies throughout the year. Here you can see butterflies from southwestern areas such as Okinawa. This is a place where you can encounter many butterflies that you have never seen before, as they do not live in the Kanto area.

If you go to the main insect museum building, you can encounter rare foreign insects such as leaf-cutter ants and glow worms.

IBARAKI Nature Museum

Species of insects★★★☆☆
Admission fee★★★☆☆(Adult\750)

The IBARAKI Nature Museum is a natural history museum located in Bando City, Ibaraki Prefecture. There are many exhibits on animals, geology, etc., making it a very attractive museum for people who want to learn about various things comprehensively.

Inside there is an insect corner, where specimens of butterflies, moths, beetles, etc. are displayed.

There are exhibits of butterflies that can be seen around us, as well as beautiful butterflies from overseas, such as Madagascan Sunset Moth and morpho butterflies.

There are also exhibits of specimens of various types of insects, including beetles that live in Japan.

It’s a comprehensive museum, so it doesn’t have a particularly large variety of insects, but it’s highly recommended for people who want to learn about insects and other things.

Fabre Insect Museum

Species of insects★★★★☆
Admission fee★★★★★(Free)

This is an insect museum located in Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo. This insect museum is run by the Henri Fabre Society of Japan, whose ideal image is the famous French naturalist Henri Fabre.In addition to displaying specimens, you can also observe living insects. It is run by volunteer staff, who are kind and willing to teach you a variety of things.

It’s about a 10-minute walk from the nearest station, Nishi-Nippori Station. It’s an insect museum in central Tokyo that has a wide range of exhibits, and best of all, admission is free, making it one of the highly recommended insect museums.

Many specimens are on display at the Fabre Insect Museum. There are also many specimens of Morpho butterflies, which are said to be the most beautiful in the world.

You can also observe live beetles and stag beetles. We were also able to observe the living Hercules beetle, which is said to be the world’s largest beetle.